Go Outdoors Brandt

Brandt Encourages Its Team to Go Outdoors

The best way to learn is to immerse oneself in their environment. At Brandt, that’s exactly what we do. We invest in our call center and solution development staff with industry related perks so they can learn firsthand about our customers’ recreational experience.

To continue to foster our staff’s enjoyment of the outdoors and our commitment to the quality of our services, Brandt offers its team members an inventory of camping supplies available for check out, as well as subsidizing two nights of camping in state parks each year.

The camping equipment cache includes an eight person tent, camp stove and cooking utensils, ice chest, hammocks, easy-up open tent, fishing rods and reels, lanterns, bug spray, and first aid kits. We know the importance of first-hand outdoor experience and encourage our team to go outdoors.

For more information on State Parks, or to locate the one nearest you, visit www.stateparks.org.