Brandt team members

Brandt Welcomes Tally Job Hop Tours

Brandt participated in the Tally Job Hop Tech Edition 2019. The Tally Job Hop is a one day tour for students to visit some of North Florida’s top businesses who are looking for interns and employees from our local universities.  At each stop, students learn about a company’s corporate culture, what type of projects they are working on, and most importantly, what types of internships and jobs are available.

Brandt hosted two groups of students majoring in the fields of computer science, information technology, and marketing.  Each group was given a tour of the office and then gathered for a presentation about Brandt’s solutions and team positions.  We facilitated a panel of recent college graduates to discuss entering the workforce, company culture, and career advice. Brandt’s team attended the evening reception to continue to speak with Job Hop attendees and answer questions.

Thank you to Tally Job Hop for coordinating a wonderful event.

For open positions, please visit our Careers Page.