Contact Center

Contact Center

Contact Services

Brandt provides contact services to state agency employees, sales vendors, and public consumers for a variety of needs including customer support, sales, regulations inquiries, technical application assistance, and hardware support.

Internal Employees

Brandt-employed personnel are behind all communications

Automatic Call Distribution

Inbound calls are automatically distributed to available agents


Established escalation protocols for transferring contacts to agency headquarters

Quality Control

Voice recording and metrics tracking to ensure high quality interactions and response times

Ongoing Training

Trained in agency regulations, protocols, and customer service best practices

Geographically Disperse

Remote contact center agents work across the country ensuring staff are always available regardless of local weather or events

Contact Channels

Brandt offers agency customers a variety of contact channel options for end users to communicate.

Phone Calls
Email Support
Text Message (SMS)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Other Services