Brandt’s Itinio platform brings together a flexible, cloud-based reservations & management suite with responsive point-of-sale, industry-leading e-commerce, and revenue-building yield management and marketing tools.

The solution is tailored to the unique requirements and processes common to state, county, and municipal park operations.


Lodging & Property Management


Marinas & Rentals

Tours & Ticketing

Event Registration

Permit & Passes

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Point of Sale

Reservations Desk

Gate Entry

Content Manager



Campgrounds & RV Parks

Reservations, Operations & Accounting for State, County & Municipal Parks

A customizable reservation system tailored to each location and a wide range of inventory types. Itinio for campgrounds, RV, and day-use parks integrates seamlessly with Itinio point-of-sale and other applications for a one-stop guest and revenue management solution.

Designed as an operations-centric application, Itinio provides park staff and managers with the real-time reporting and inventory management tools they need to be effective and efficient.

Itinio is built on GAAP and supports accrual, cash, and modified-cash accounting approaches. System data can be integrated with bookkeeping and ERP systems.

Marinas & Boat Rentals

Moorage contract management with online payments & rental reservations

Integrated applications, an extensive reporting library, and a unique contract-builder toolset are bundled specifically for inland marina and boat/equipment rental operations. Itinio boat rental software is designed for marina operations requiring a range of rental reservations, moorage and storage contract accounting, and integration with point-of-sale or other applications.

Itinio supports casual (hourly) rentals and retail sales, multi-day rentals with multiple fees, and deposits and insurance requirements, as well as long-term lease contracts and automated billing.

Accounting features include custom A/R reporting and flexible data export.

Events, Tours & Ticketing

Manage permit sales & advance registration across multiple sales channels

From whitewater rafting to guided cave tours, interpretive programs to horseback rides, Itinio Registration is configured to manage a wide variety of scheduled event & activity registrations, as well as permit sales and tour operations.

Combined with mobile online sales, smartphone app capabilities for proximity sensing, and a variety of guest check-in and permit/ticket validation options for a completely contactless registration and permitting system.

This solution is particularly popular in remote locations where wifi options are limited, or when park stations lose local internet connectivity.

Point of Sale

From basic retail sales to complex packaging & speedy
day-use entry

Supports on-location retail point-of-sale, park entry, camper check-in and visition/attendance tracking in single touch-screen enabled interface.

Fully integrated architecture allows for use as stand-alone POS software, or in combination with other Itinio scheduled inventory, A/R and event registration modules – keeping all customer transactions on a single invoice.

Point-of-sale options include: QuickSale POS, Attendance & Fee Collection, Guest Check-In/Out, as well as Annual Pass and permit-use tracking. Expanded system integrations with Retail Pro® and Shopify® are available.

Permits & Passes

Sales, management, and usage tracking of permits & recurring

Expressly designed for support of membership-type online and back-end permit and pass sales for park systems with managed day-use and/or overnight entry.

Similar to all Itinio applications, specialized content management tools foster member communication, customer information collection, and automated renewal reminders to optimize sales and reduce marketing and labor costs.

Extensive data collection and reporting features provide accurate pass or permit usage statistics in real time. And entry screens are touch-screen enabled when integrated with Itinio Point-of-Sale applications.

Event Registration

Flexible program registration with custom participant data & communication

The Itinio registration application suite supports all types of scheduled, managed-availability program and activity inventory, combined with retail sales and extensive content management tools.

Customized participant rosters and automated communication features are designed to streamline the registration to attendance process.

Readily configured to meet the needs of public-sector operations, and fully integrated with reservations, ticketing, and point-of-sale.

Content Management

Flexible website management tools integrated throughout Itinio

Amazingly flexible content management supports product, policy, and marketing tools throughout all Itinio applications. This integrated and highly customizable toolset is designed to manage content and data relationships between websites and secure e-commerce forms.

When deployed to support content management for multiple locations with a variety of user-levels and needs, Itinio opens up the ability to share content, inventory, and policy development throughout the system – all while retaining a high level of central oversight and creative control.

Ecommerce 101

Help website visitors find what they’re looking for

Would you stay in a hotel you’ve not researched? Camping is an adventure, but campers today expect more timely and accurate information about their options. And they want it sooner in the discovery process. Give it to them without a fight and you’re more likely to gain them as a customer.

Learn how to use your reservation system data to drive content on more of your web pages. Move visitors more efficiently through the reservations process – from exploration to discovery, and selection to conversion, and increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Reservations Tools

Build the itinerary sales and management system that fits your organization. All Itinio components work together to create a unique application suite – with support by an industry-savvy and responsive customer service team.

  • Overnight & Multi-Day Guest Reservations

  • Fast Day-Use Entry & Fee Collection

  • Daily Sales Audit & Close Functions

  • Interactive Maps and Custom Graphics

  • Gift Card Program & Membership Support

  • Custom Park and Marina Operations Reports

  • Automated Customer Communications

  • Marketing Reports & Analytics Library

  • GL Code Accounting with Data Export

  • Social Media & Website Integration

  • Retail Inventory Control & Management Tools

  • Friends Groups & Donations Features

Cloud Power + Speed

As higher-bandwidth internet connections become commonplace, web-based software applications like Itinio offer the ability to reduce overall system support costs by:

Minimal Hardware Investment

requires a basic web browser application running on standard desktop or mobile devices.

Low Infrastructure Needs

utilizes a minimum internet access requirement of common DSL speeds or better.

Easily Customizable

standardized database & application design lowers the potential cost of customization and support.

Staff Training & Support

Designed to be easy to learn, Itinio applications are in use today by a wide variety of users and computer-skill levels. Each system includes specialized training and experienced, on-demand user support.

Custom Training Manuals

available online and in printed format for learning and testing.

Help Desk User Support

experienced system support is available by phone, text, or email.

Train the Trainer Programs

are provided for expansive systems with many users.

Field-Support Teams

in-person user support is available to boost user confidence and fosters system feedback.

Back Country Reservations at Tennessee State Parks

Spectacular South Cumberland State Park in central Tennessee hosts a unique visitor – the back-country hiker that stays in a different campsite each night of a multi-night adventure.

As it happens, the term itinerary is in our name. In collaboration with the park’s rangers, a special version of the typical campsite reservation process, the one in use throughout Tennessee’s 56 state parks, was developed to allow visitors to select a consecutive string of campsites, pick and apply discounts, and confirm their reservations in a single, intuitive online session.

With their reservation confirmation, hikers receive a mobile-friendly itinerary of their visit – along with campsite descriptions, graphical maps, and GPS coordinates to help navigate this vast park system.

Since launch, South Cumberland has reduced costly phone inquiries, increased web bookings, and started its guest’s experience off on the right foot.