Increasing Brand Awareness

You can only buy an annual recreational license once a year, but you can buy as much gear as you want.

Merchandise serves as a critical component in strengthening our state partners’ brand awareness and bolstering support from Go Outdoors users.

Our unique merchandise offerings act as tangible symbols of our state’s identity, ensuring that it remains top-of-mind for license holders.


Brandt provides:

Vendor Management

Product Acquisition

Inventory Management

Logistics and Fulfillment

Implementation Tools

Site Management

Customer Service

Marketing Support

Tax Collection & Remittance

Invoicing & Fund Distribution


eCommerce Features

Activity Packages

Include a related merchandise item in
every activity package such as a folding
chair in the duck hunting packing.


Cross-sell similar items such as a camo
backpack when a user adds a hunting
license to the cart.

Variety of Products

Offer a variety of sizes and colors per
product, such as a mug in pink, white,
black, camo, and blue

Product Modifiers

Configure modifiers where the user can
select between various colors while staying
on the same page.

Organized Shopfront

Strategically organize the shopfront with
most requested products easily available
followed by new options.

Drip Marketing

Send targeted, drip email and push
notification campaigns to drive

Go Outdoors North Carolina

Brandt’s new merchandise store launched in Go Outdoors North Carolina (GONC) on Wednesday, August 2, 2023.

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) can now offer hunters, anglers, and boaters the opportunity to purchase additional items for their friends, family, and outdoor adventures.

“NCWRC is excited to offer branded merchandise to our constituents. e-Store Purchases help further our agency’s mission to conserve wildlife resources and their habitats. We look forward to continuing to expand our product line to appeal to a broader audience,” said Lisa Hocutt, NCWRC Deputy Director.