Hard Cards

Hard Cards

An optional upgrade for the customer

  • Brandt has offered license collectible hard cards since 2014, and is live in 14 states.
  • Hard cards are durable, waterproof, credit-card style cards and serve as both memorabilia for license holders as well as providing important information about the customer.
  • Public customers can easily bring their hard card with them on any outdoor activity and are able to provide their personal information, license/permit/registration number and a QR code that links to their unique profile to verify their validity in the field.
  • One side of the card features artwork with agency branding and a link to the ecommerce site. The other side includes customer information such as Customer name, Customer ID, other identifiable demographics, and all currently valid licenses/permits/registrations.
  • The card prints all current and valid customer information at the time the card is printing.
  • Customers have the option to purchase a card from any sales channel (online, phone, agent, regional office, county recorder, ranger station, etc).
  • Card designs are available for Short-Term and Annual Licenses, Lifetime Licenses, Boat Registrations, Boater Education, Hunter Education and Annual Park Passes.

Mailed from Brandt Fulfillment Center

  • Cards are printed, fulfilled and tracked with Brandt in-house resources, mailing out of Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Cards are mailed within 5-7 business days of a customer’s transaction that includes the purchase of a hard card.
  • Cards are mailed in envelopes with return PO Box in same city as agency headquarters

Rotating Artwork

  • Card artwork rotates every year. This allows for rotating in new designs as well as species featured on the cards while building a collectible item tradition.
  • States may provide artwork if desired, or Brandt will offer artist partnership recommendations.
  • The artist’s name is displayed on the back of the card “Artwork By: Artist Name” as well as an option to put a small signature on the front.
  • Artwork is typically created by the agency or donated by the artist.