Service Support Teams

Providing the best possible experience to support our partners and the public.

Product Management

Document Mailing & Fulfillment

Brandt’s fulfillment team prints and ships a variety of document types including vessel decals, titles, hard cards, and paper letters.

With the capacity to print over 30,000 documents a day, our typical turnaround time is within 24-48 hours. Timestamped notes are added to the customer’s profile including shipping address for easy to access confirmation information.

System Config

Customer Service & Phone Sales

Our PCI-compliant, in-house customer service center provides customer support and telephone sales on behalf of our state agency partners.

We take the responsibility of front-line communications with the public seriously. With rigorous ongoing training, our call center agents receive glowing reviews for their phone courtesy, knowledge, and customer service.

Agent Support & Help Desk

Providing in-house Agent Support & Help Desk ensures Agency priorities are met and measured for success.

We provide hardware deployment and help desk support to license agents and ranger stations throughout our states.

Our dedicated team members help with technical support to ensure your agents can efficiently and confidently sell your products.

Our Promise to Our Partners

We are with you every step
of the way.

We won’t sleep on a needed fix.

The Customer is always right.



Digital Advertising

Strategic marketing techniques to attract new customers and reduce churn.


Incentivizing existing customers to share with friends to sustainably grow reach.

Media Relations

Engaging new audiences with quarterly stories to print media, local news, and magazines.

Print Marketing

Paid publication opportunities & Department communications

Customer Service & Phone Sales

Telephone sales and customer support

Account login and virtual assistance

Provide customers regulations information

PCI Compliance for Telephone Sales


Telephone sales and customer support

Customer account login assistance and app support

Providing customer with FWC regulations via the official state website.

PCI Compliance for Telephone Sales

Other Services