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Brandt celebrates 3 year anniversary of FWC’s RLIS system launch with 100,000 Fish | Hunt Florida mobile app downloads

Brandt and FWC are celebrating the 3 year anniversary of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission’s Recreational Licensing Issuance Services (RLIS) system launch, and an outreach milestone achievement of over 100,000 mobile app downloads for FWC’s Fish | Hunt FL app available to iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphone users.

Under the direction and partnership with FWC, Brandt launched an all new, industry leading solution for recreational fishing and hunting license issuance, and a full suite of tools and services to support Agency administrators, public consumers, and stakeholders.

Since the system launch in 2013, the RLIS system has consistently expanded and grown to meet industry demands and changes in technology, consumer access, and sales channels. The solution now offers customers new features such as the option to purchase gift cards, easy license renewal and automated renewal options, a Spanish translated sales site, and more.

The Fish | Hunt FL mobile app offers customers a simple, on-the-go option for obtaining fishing and hunting licenses, downloading and storing license documents, and accessing regulations and other data such as NOAA weather data and sunrise/sunset times using real time GPS location technologies.

Launched in 2015, the Fish | Hunt Florida app has hit the Apple Store’s Top 5 list in the Sporting apps category, and Top 100 list overall.

The goal of FWC’s mobile app makes outdoor participation easier and more enjoyable. It gives customers access to all of their fishing and hunting license information and documents in one central place, and allows customers to easily purchase and download their licenses on the go.

Brandt continues to support and maintain the RLIS system in partnership with FWC to offer users a cutting edge and reliable online license issuance solution.

Brandt, an IT firm based in Tallahassee, Florida offers innovative technology solutions and services to support natural resource agencies by promoting outdoor participation, customer outreach, marketing, and providing technologies to streamline business operations and reduce agency costs. Since 1985, Brandt has offered hundreds of local, state, and federal agencies technology and consulting services to support operations and innovative technology growth.