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Donald Forgione: Partnering with Brandt for an Unforgettable Outdoor Experience

Donald Forgione, with four decades of leadership in park management and conservation, epitomizes innovation and dedication in the industry. From his tenure as a Park Ranger to the former Director of Florida’s Park System to his role as a sought-after consultant and speaker, Donald’s commitment to excellence shines through.

“I have partnered with Brandt Information Services, a renowned leader in the State Park industry, offering modern technology solutions to conservation agencies.” Donald emphasizes.

His Tailgate Talks approach, emphasizes active listening and tailored solutions. As the lead author of “The Ecotourism Provider’s Handbook,” Donald offers invaluable insights into creating exceptional park experiences while preserving natural resources.

Donald’s talents extend beyond conservation and recreation, captivating audiences with his podcast and motivational speaking. Whether addressing management challenges or inspiring teams, Tailgate Talks with Donald, offer expertise and enjoyment in equal measure.

“Donald’s Tailgate Talks Podcast has an incredibly positive impact on state parks agencies across the nation,” said Matt Mitchell, Brandt’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We are proud to partner with Donald Forgione and his extensive experience spanning over 40 years as an avid camper and a respected leader in the State Park industry.”

Together, Brandt and Donald Forgione are transforming the outdoor experience for the users of these cherished places and the agencies that proudly steward them.

Idaho Fish and Game’s E-tagging for Salmon/Steelhead Is Now Available.

Idaho Fish and Game’s new electronic salmon and steelhead permit rollout—aka e-tags—is now available through the Go Outdoors Idaho mobile app.

Selecting an e-tag is optional when buying salmon and steelhead permits online and in-person, and paper tags are still available for those who prefer the traditional method of reporting their catch. Anglers with a current paper permit will not be eligible to switch to an e-tag for the 2024 season, but will be able to choose an e-tag in 2025.

E-tagging allows anglers to buy an electronic salmon or steelhead permit and start fishing immediately instead of waiting for a paper tag to arrive in the mail. E-tagging also allows salmon or steelhead anglers to validate their permits electronically. Anglers can use the app while out of cell service, in low service areas, and while the device is on airplane mode.

To learn more about IDFG’s e-tagging for salmon/steelhead, click here.

To learn how to purchase and validate your electronic permit, click here.

Brandt Sees Surge in Online Engagement Across the Nation

Brandt, a leading technology solutions provider for outdoor recreation agencies and their consumers, has witnessed significant growth in online engagement across all its operational states over the past three years. The transformative digital adoption is validated by continually increasing daily website visitors and sustained average engagement time.

“Brandt’s commitment to providing exceptional online experiences and staying at the forefront of digital innovation has been unwavering,” said Travis Warren, CEO of Brandt. “The steady increase in year-over-year online engagement confirms our ability to transform the outdoor experience for state and local governments to provide modern, streamlined services to their public consumers.”

Across 19 of Brandt’s agency partners, Brandt has witnessed an average of +29% website visitation increase over the past three years combined. This includes the latest +11% increase from 2022-2023 year-over-year annual website users.

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Brandt has continuously invested in enriching its online presence to better serve its customers. In addition to Brandt’s CRM fueling automated targeted marketing campaigns, the intuitive user experiences to purchase licenses, registrations, and reservations have streamlined the online checkout process.

While maintaining growth, Brandt is continually innovating by leveraging modern technology strategies to bring forth system revenue-generating opportunities to its agency partners, solidifying its position as a trusted leader in the industry.

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Signs New Contract with Brandt

Brandt is thrilled to announce a new contract with West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) to continue the electronic licensing and game checking system. Brandt may continue to support WVDNR for another ten years with this new contract, solidifying its long-term collaborative partnership with the Division.

Extending this agreement with Brandt enables WVDNR to further enhance the licensing system by introducing additional features and improvements specifically designed to meet the changing needs of license holders, vendors, and the general public. This includes customer hard cards, R3 marketing automation tools, donation opportunities, branded merchandise drop-shipping, credit card processing, and a mobile application.

Over the past contract term, Brandt’s Terra solution has enabled a variety of system enhancements improvements to support legislative and programmatic changes including: expansive online application configurations; evolving lottery logic; data visualization dashboards; and in-system surveys and certifications.

With Brandt, WVDNR has access to a team of experts to support operations as well as cross-state collaboration with other Brandt clients. The exposure provided by working with the industry-leading provider of outdoor recreational licensing and reservation solutions will continue to allow WVDNR to leverage lessons learned and new functionality for use cases across the country.

For more information about the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources and the Brandt system, please visit

About West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
It is the statutory mission of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources to provide and administer a long-range comprehensive program for the exploration, conservation, development, protection, enjoyment, and the use of the natural resources of the State of West Virginia. 

About Brandt Information Services
Brandt Information Services is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for government agencies and private organizations. With a focus on improving operational efficiency and user experience, Brandt offers a wide range of services, including licensing and registration systems, payment processing, and data management solutions. With a strong commitment to client success, Brandt continues to deliver cutting-edge technology to simplify complex processes and empower organizations to achieve their goals.

Launch Alert: Lake Casitas Municipal Water District Online Reservations System

Brandt proudly announces the launch of the Itinio reservations system at the renowned Lake Casitas Recreation Area. The launch took place on Thursday, January 18, 2024, and witnessed an exceptional response, with early-season online reservations flooding in almost immediately after the public opening.

The Lake Casitas Recreation Area, now equipped with the state-of-the-art Itinio platform, stands as the proud host of the largest single campground in the region, boasting 609 campsites across 13 camping loops. Nestled in Ventura County, this area also features the Casitas Adventure Waterpark and RV storage facilities. The Itinio platform seamlessly integrates with this expansive setup, providing not only camping reservations but also offering streamlined ticketing and contract management services. This integration is set to optimize operational efficiency.

Lake Casitas, a key water source for Ojai and the greater Ventura County, holds historical significance as a rowing venue during the 1984 Summer Olympics hosted in Los Angeles. The Lake Casitas Recreation Area sees more than 600,000 annual visitors and is home to 40 miles of hiking trails.

“The introduction of the Itinio reservations system reflects Brandt’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and enhancing the experiences of outdoor enthusiasts,” said Dave McLean, General Manager at Brandt.

As a technology leader, Brandt is dedicated to providing solutions that redefine industry standards. The collaboration with Lake Casitas Municipal Water District signifies a commitment to environmental responsibility and community well-being, aligning with the district’s vision of embracing technological advancements to improve the accessibility and enjoyment of its natural resources.

To make a reservation, click here:

Brandt Chosen to Implement Next-Generation Sport and Commercial Licensing Solution for Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR)

Brandt proudly announces the successful signing of a contract to provide Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) with an advanced Sport and Commercial Licensing Solution. The comprehensive solution will offer a cutting-edge platform that will streamline the licensing of hunters, anglers, and trappers. It will also encompass commercial licensing and permitting, game harvest check-in, special limited hunts, and public access management for visitors of DNR properties. Furthermore, the system will manage volunteer and event coordination for Indiana residents and visitors, IDNR personnel, and authorized retail agents.

The strong alignment of missions, values, and visions between Brandt and IDNR has paved the way for their collaboration. Brandt’s expertise in development, project management, business processes, and emerging technologies uniquely qualify them to create IDNR’s envisioned cutting-edge system. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Brandt ensures system reliability, alleviating worries about performance, outages, and customer service issues.

Brandt Information Services prides itself on not only implementing robust business systems using best-in-class technologies, but also fostering innovation that positions its clients as industry leaders. Brandt is enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring their expertise to the table and contribute to the evolution of online sport and commercial licensing for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

About Indiana Department of Natural Resources
The mission of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is to protect, enhance, preserve, and wisely use natural, cultural, and recreational resources for the benefit of Indiana’s citizens through professional leadership, management, and education.

About Brandt Information Services
Brandt Information Services is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for government agencies and private organizations. With a focus on improving operational efficiency and user experience, Brandt offers a wide range of services, including licensing and registration systems, payment processing, and data management solutions. With a strong commitment to client success, Brandt continues to deliver cutting-edge technology to simplify complex processes and empower organizations to achieve their goals.

Brandt Information Services Garners GovTech100 Recognition for 2024

Brandt Information Services is excited to share our continued recognition by Government Technology as a GovTech 100 company for 2024! The GovTech 100 list highlights companies revolutionizing the technological landscape for local and state government entities. At Brandt, we take pride in transforming the outdoors experience by delivering cutting-edge technology platforms that prioritize a seamless consumer experience and serve as a pivotal revenue-generating tool for state agencies.

“We’re witnessing a remarkable surge in innovation across the entire GovTech sector driven by new startups, partnerships and strategic mergers. The industry’s resilience and growth, even while other sectors slowed due to economic conditions, underscores the critical nature of technology’s role in solving the most complex government challenges,” said Dustin Haisler, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, Government Technology.

The GovTech 100 will be featured in the January/February issue of Government Technology magazine.

See the full list here:

Brandt Contact Center Rises to the Occasion, Assisting Ventura County Parks Amidst Coastal Emergency

During the recent unforeseen high tides threatening two of Southern California coastal parks – Faria and Hobson – the contact center swiftly mobilized to support Ventura County Parks in a time of crisis.

Traditionally handling inbound reservations for Ventura, the contact center team showcased extraordinary flexibility by extending their assistance beyond routine duties to manage emergency cancellations and rebookings. This rapid and resourceful response played a pivotal role in mitigating the impact of the unfolding situation.

“Ventura County Parks faced an urgent challenge due to unexpected high tides,” shared Jeri Cooper, Parks Manager. “The contact center’s immediate availability during the bustling holiday season and their adept handling of the crisis were instrumental. Their swift action ensured seamless management of this emergency, safeguarding our parks and visitor experiences.”

Recognizing Ventura County’s limited administrative bandwidth during emergencies, the contact center’s quick intervention was particularly commendable. Their agility and capabilities not only eased immediate pressures but also demonstrated a partnership deeply rooted in unwavering support.

“Our team’s rapid adaptability and efficient crisis resolution underscore our steadfast commitment to meeting our clients’ needs,” remarked Becky Vega, Contact Center Manager. “We are honored to have supported Ventura County Parks during this challenging time and remain dedicated to standing by them in every capacity.”

This collaborative effort between the Brandt Contact Center and Ventura County Parks serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and commitment in preserving community resources amidst unforeseen adversities.

Go Outdoors Oklahoma Introduces Enhanced Merchandise e-Commerce Storefront

Brandt launched its new merchandise interface for Go Outdoors Oklahoma, a year after the merchandise e-store was first introduced.

Compared to last year, Go Outdoors Oklahoma saw a 640% increase in the sale of hats thanks to strategic cross-sells and packages while drinkware sales increased by 36% in their second year as a featured product.

“Our merchandise sales growth over this past year proves the public’s appreciation for our agency and representing our mission. It’s a great way for ODWC to foster our community of hunters, anglers and those who care for the land.”

Mike Chrisman, License Supervisor.

Key Metrics

“Since the new interface enhancement for Go Outdoors Oklahoma, our average unit ring has increased by over $5.00, and our conversion rate has increased by 178 basis points. This proves that the more high quality products we offer, the more likely Go Outdoors Oklahoma’s users are to buy them,” explains John DiFonzo, Director of Product Merchandising at Brandt.

Brandt’s e-commerce merchandise store introduces users to new product options, packaged with license sales workflows, to expand the state agency’s brand presence out in the field.

Brandt Expands its Outdoor Recreational Platform Offerings with Acquisition of Itinio 

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Brandt Information Services (“Brandt” or the “Company”), a leading provider of outdoor recreational technology platforms, today announced the acquisition of Itinio Reservation Management Applications and Services (“Itinio”). Itinio is an enterprise-level central reservations management system servicing state parks agencies and county parks and recreation organizations. 

Itinio, known for its flexible and powerful cloud-based reservations and management suite, has a foothold in the state parks agency marketplace with five established state agency relationships and over a dozen county- and municipal-level customers. With the support of Brandt, Itinio will continue to build upon its current successful agency partnerships through its established and scalable model for servicing clients both large and small. The acquisition of Itinio also bolsters Brandt’s existing reservations offerings and strengthens its position in the outdoor recreation market. 

Travis Warren, CEO at Brandt, stated: “Itinio has a strong reputation among parks and recreation administrators for providing top-notch customer service with its configurable solution. We are thrilled to welcome such a talented team at Itinio, who shares our values and approach. We look forward to transforming the outdoors experience together.” 

“Brandt’s support will enable Itinio to continue providing industry-leading reservation functionality to outdoor recreational partners. Joining a well-respected organization in this space, Brandt, gives us the resources to live up to our clients’ expectations and continue to grow,” stated Dave McLean, Itinio Senior Account Director.  

Since 2011, Brandt has grown strategically to become a market leader in outdoor recreational technology. The acquisition of Itinio by Brandt is the latest example of the Company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and providing unparalleled services to its clients. The integration of Itinio’s trusted platform and offerings, including its reservation management system, is expected to result in an even more robust offering available to clients to meet the evolving needs of outdoor recreational organizations for years to come. Clients can expect a seamless transition, with both Brandt and Itinio teams working collaboratively to ensure uninterrupted services and support. 

About Brandt 

Brandt is the leading provider of licensing, registrations, reservations, and e-commerce solutions for the outdoor recreational market, providing simple, modern, and secure technology solutions to conservation agencies and their users. The company has successfully scaled in the outdoor recreational industry with products and services to support hunting, fishing, boating and camping transactions. 

About Itinio 

Itinio is a cloud-based reservations & management suite with responsive point-of-sale, e-commerce, and revenue-building yield management and marketing tools tailored to state, county, and municipal park operations. Renowned for its exemplary platform and services team, Itinio has been at the forefront of campgrounds and park entry management innovation. 


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