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Brandt Information Services Celebrates 30 Years and Urges People to Go Outdoors

Tallahassee, FL, April 2015 – Brandt Information Services, an industry leader in providing technology based solutions and consulting for local, state and federal agencies and private companies across the country, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month.

Since 2010, the Brandt organization has seen tremendous and exciting growth with the launch of a new company website and corporate image, the opening of several new offices and a fresh new focus on providing technological innovations and solutions to state fish and wildlife agencies to support outdoor and recreational licensing.

“It’s exciting to build and expand the company based on our experiences, successes and transformations over the last 30 years”, said John B. Thomas, CEO.

Headquartered in Tallahassee, Brandt has been providing technology solutions and project management services to almost all state agencies in Florida and to other local, state and federal agencies including Maine, Massachusetts, Alabama, Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, North Carolina and Alaska since its inception in 1985.

To support their constantly growing client base, Brandt expanded its presence with several new offices in Florida and Georgia, bringing its staff to over 175 employees in the states of Florida, Georgia, and Texas. By opening these new offices, Brandt has made a commitment to support current and new clients with a larger national presence, and during the time since its 25th anniversary, the company has more than doubled its annual revenue.  Brandt’s revenues from 2007 to date have increased more than tenfold.

“We are really excited to pursue new and larger business opportunities in other nearby states, as well as across the country.  Our new Atlanta offices offer support and a greater presence to customers in other states and allow us to pursue new opportunities for Brandt, “said CEO John B. Thomas.  “These new offices will help us to continue providing one-on-one support to our clients, where we can treat every customer like our biggest customer.”

The successful implementation of its ‘Go Outdoors’ Division of solutions and services has become a driving force of the company’s success and has proven effective and profitable for state fish and wildlife agencies.  Brandt designed its first wildlife permitting system over 15 years ago and has since been delivering its combined fish and wildlife system development and retail transaction systems to offer a unique industry leverage that no other vendor can offer. Brandt has consistently increased their customer’s revenues in the recreational licensing segment by implementing innovative applications and marketing solutions.

The company’s diverse experience enables it to take a retail approach to fishing and hunting license issuance and allows the agency to compete with other recreational activities and retail organizations to promote the outdoors.  Agencies in Florida and Georgia have partnered with Brandt, utilizing this cutting-edge technology to increase their efficiency, drastically increase state licensing sales, provide better customer service and streamline their business processes.  These same systems are flexible enough to accommodate future changes and incorporate new benefits, so Brandt can nurture long lasting partnerships with these agencies by providing unparalleled support and responsiveness.

For more information on Brandt Information Services, visit or call (850) 577-4900 (Tallahassee) or (404) 698-1900 (Atlanta).

About Brandt Information Services

Since 1985, Brandt Information Services has provided local, state, and federal agencies and private organizations innovative solutions to maintain large-scale technology projects, streamline business processes, manage a variety of transaction systems, and support agency operations.  The company consists of two divisions: Outdoor Licensing & Recreational Solutions and Technology Project Management and Staffing Solutions.  These divisions work together to not only build and implement business processes through cutting edge technologies, but to implement creative ideas to make their customers leaders in their respective industries.