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Hurricane Laura Relief Efforts

Brandt team members raised funds and delivered supplies to help individuals in need after Hurricane Laura’s destruction in Lake Charles, Louisiana. A group of senior adults with disabilities lost their homes and everything in them following the devastating storm. Employees contributed to the Brandt Hurricane Laura Relief Fund and within two weeks, Matt Mitchell, Director of Business Development at Brandt, was driving a trailer filled with gear to Louisiana. Donations included bedding, cleaning supplies, utensils, salt & pepper, cooking supplies, and towels.

The Southwest Louisiana Independence Center (SLIC), an organization that provides advocacy, peer counseling, and independent living services to persons with significant disabilities, was grateful for the support. “Thank you so much for your compassion and generosity towards our clients,” said Christina Dartez, RN from SLIC. “Our clients were so excited when they made it home and saw everything they had. My team was completely blown away by everything that was donated and your kindness. You turned a tragic event into something positive and made their apartments so nice for when they returned home.”

Brandt regularly finds opportunities to support communities in need. “Our team at Brandt is fortunate to be growing. We are Go Givers and feel the need to share our success with those that need it most,” said Mitchell.

Southwest Louisiana Independence Center, Inc. (@SLIC), a 501 C-3 non-profit agency, is a non-residential agency of action, advocacy and coalition where persons with disabilities and the elderly can become empowered to develop the skills necessary to make effective lifestyle choices. We strive to support those with disabilities and our elderly by connecting them with resources needed to live independently. We offer services for their support in becoming or remaining active participants in their communities. Through collaboration, we promote their independent living through our various programs. Our aim is to enable those with disabilities to take control of their lives, make decisions about their future and ultimately avoid unnecessary institutionalization.

In 1985, @SLIC opened its doors in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The organization, like many of its kind nationally, recognizes living an independent life is a fundamental human right. Before organizations like @SLIC existed, living a life of dependency and low satisfaction were common for disabled individuals and their families. Besides employment opportunities, job coaching and job training, @SLIC provides awareness advocacy and independent living for persons with disabilities.