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Brandt Contact Center Rises to the Occasion, Assisting Ventura County Parks Amidst Coastal Emergency

During the recent unforeseen high tides threatening two of Southern California coastal parks – Faria and Hobson – the contact center swiftly mobilized to support Ventura County Parks in a time of crisis.

Traditionally handling inbound reservations for Ventura, the contact center team showcased extraordinary flexibility by extending their assistance beyond routine duties to manage emergency cancellations and rebookings. This rapid and resourceful response played a pivotal role in mitigating the impact of the unfolding situation.

“Ventura County Parks faced an urgent challenge due to unexpected high tides,” shared Jeri Cooper, Parks Manager. “The contact center’s immediate availability during the bustling holiday season and their adept handling of the crisis were instrumental. Their swift action ensured seamless management of this emergency, safeguarding our parks and visitor experiences.”

Recognizing Ventura County’s limited administrative bandwidth during emergencies, the contact center’s quick intervention was particularly commendable. Their agility and capabilities not only eased immediate pressures but also demonstrated a partnership deeply rooted in unwavering support.

“Our team’s rapid adaptability and efficient crisis resolution underscore our steadfast commitment to meeting our clients’ needs,” remarked Becky Vega, Contact Center Manager. “We are honored to have supported Ventura County Parks during this challenging time and remain dedicated to standing by them in every capacity.”

This collaborative effort between the Brandt Contact Center and Ventura County Parks serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and commitment in preserving community resources amidst unforeseen adversities.