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Turkeys and Tactics: A Tailored Drip Campaign Success Story

As Brandt and Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IADNR) geared up for another thrilling turkey hunting season, the team launched a marketing campaign designed to boost participation and to emphasize the importance of conservation by encouraging hunters to buy their spring turkey tags.

This email drip campaign guided customers through retargeting efforts based on their behavior, combining reminders for both the spring turkey preseason and season. The target audience, envisioned by the DNR, was tailored to fit the persona of a turkey hunter, informing the direction of the campaign. Hunters without an active spring turkey privilege and those who completed HuntersEd received the preseason email a week before the start of season 1. For those who had the mobile app downloaded and subscribed to notifications, a push notification was sent on the first day of season 1 as a reminder.

Leading up to season 2, an additional email was created and sent using Atlas’ WYSIWYG email builder to the same target audience, dynamically excluding those who had already purchased a spring turkey tag. Subsequently, at the commencement of season 4, a push notification was dispatched to individuals who had purchased a tag for seasons 1, 2, or 3 but had not yet acquired one for season 4.

Upon completion of the 30-day journey, a total of 566,000 emails and push notifications were dispatched, generating $7,617 in attributed revenue. The campaign achieved a 40.13% email open rate, a 5.4% push notification open rate, and a 1.04% click-through rate.

This targeted email drip campaign, meticulously tailored to the behavior and needs of turkey hunters, showcased impressive results. By strategically timing reminders and exclusions, coupled with dynamic content delivery, the campaign achieved significant engagement and revenue. As we continue to refine our approach, these insights will undoubtedly inform future initiatives, driving even greater success in our efforts to connect with and serve our audience effectively.