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Turkeys and Tactics: A Tailored Drip Campaign Success Story

As Brandt and Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IADNR) geared up for another thrilling turkey hunting season, the team launched a marketing campaign designed to boost participation and to emphasize the importance of conservation by encouraging hunters to buy their spring turkey tags.

This email drip campaign guided customers through retargeting efforts based on their behavior, combining reminders for both the spring turkey preseason and season. The target audience, envisioned by the DNR, was tailored to fit the persona of a turkey hunter, informing the direction of the campaign. Hunters without an active spring turkey privilege and those who completed HuntersEd received the preseason email a week before the start of season 1. For those who had the mobile app downloaded and subscribed to notifications, a push notification was sent on the first day of season 1 as a reminder.

Leading up to season 2, an additional email was created and sent using Atlas’ WYSIWYG email builder to the same target audience, dynamically excluding those who had already purchased a spring turkey tag. Subsequently, at the commencement of season 4, a push notification was dispatched to individuals who had purchased a tag for seasons 1, 2, or 3 but had not yet acquired one for season 4.

Upon completion of the 30-day journey, a total of 566,000 emails and push notifications were dispatched, generating $7,617 in attributed revenue. The campaign achieved a 40.13% email open rate, a 5.4% push notification open rate, and a 1.04% click-through rate.

This targeted email drip campaign, meticulously tailored to the behavior and needs of turkey hunters, showcased impressive results. By strategically timing reminders and exclusions, coupled with dynamic content delivery, the campaign achieved significant engagement and revenue. As we continue to refine our approach, these insights will undoubtedly inform future initiatives, driving even greater success in our efforts to connect with and serve our audience effectively.

Donald Forgione: Partnering with Brandt for an Unforgettable Outdoor Experience

Donald Forgione, with four decades of leadership in park management and conservation, epitomizes innovation and dedication in the industry. From his tenure as a Park Ranger to the former Director of Florida’s Park System to his role as a sought-after consultant and speaker, Donald’s commitment to excellence shines through.

“I have partnered with Brandt Information Services, a renowned leader in the State Park industry, offering modern technology solutions to conservation agencies.” Donald emphasizes.

His Tailgate Talks approach, emphasizes active listening and tailored solutions. As the lead author of “The Ecotourism Provider’s Handbook,” Donald offers invaluable insights into creating exceptional park experiences while preserving natural resources.

Donald’s talents extend beyond conservation and recreation, captivating audiences with his podcast and motivational speaking. Whether addressing management challenges or inspiring teams, Tailgate Talks with Donald, offer expertise and enjoyment in equal measure.

“Donald’s Tailgate Talks Podcast has an incredibly positive impact on state parks agencies across the nation,” said Matt Mitchell, Brandt’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We are proud to partner with Donald Forgione and his extensive experience spanning over 40 years as an avid camper and a respected leader in the State Park industry.”

Together, Brandt and Donald Forgione are transforming the outdoor experience for the users of these cherished places and the agencies that proudly steward them.

Go Outdoors Oklahoma Introduces Enhanced Merchandise e-Commerce Storefront

Brandt launched its new merchandise interface for Go Outdoors Oklahoma, a year after the merchandise e-store was first introduced.

Compared to last year, Go Outdoors Oklahoma saw a 640% increase in the sale of hats thanks to strategic cross-sells and packages while drinkware sales increased by 36% in their second year as a featured product.

“Our merchandise sales growth over this past year proves the public’s appreciation for our agency and representing our mission. It’s a great way for ODWC to foster our community of hunters, anglers and those who care for the land.”

Mike Chrisman, License Supervisor.

Key Metrics

“Since the new interface enhancement for Go Outdoors Oklahoma, our average unit ring has increased by over $5.00, and our conversion rate has increased by 178 basis points. This proves that the more high quality products we offer, the more likely Go Outdoors Oklahoma’s users are to buy them,” explains John DiFonzo, Director of Product Merchandising at Brandt.

Brandt’s e-commerce merchandise store introduces users to new product options, packaged with license sales workflows, to expand the state agency’s brand presence out in the field.

Boosting Customer Retention with Brandt’s Atlas Marketing Automation Incentivized Renewal Play

Hunters and anglers typically wait until they are headed out into the field to purchase the license they need to participate. With statewide regulations on seasons, this leads to heavy spikes in website traffic and customer sales phone calls the night before and morning of a big season opener.

Brandt’s Atlas Marketing Automation program provides state agencies with tools and strategies to effectively engage with its public users automatically based on their system behavior and license history.

By offering incentives to those that buy their license ahead of time, agencies may be more prepared with operational projection and begin to recognize system revenue earlier in the fiscal year.

Automated Incentives

On behalf of its state agency partners, Brandt has administered coupon-based incentives to public users since 2019 to successfully drive license transactions. In Spring 2023, Brandt launched the newly updated Incentivized Renewal Automated Play across several state partners participating in the Atlas Marketing Automation program.

Targeting users who did not hold a current annual license, but have held one previously, this creative marketing play leverages the power of personalized offers and third-party coupons such as Academy Sports and OnX Hunt.

Atlas Marketing Automation keeps an evergreen list of lapsed license holders up to date for the state agency use in emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and digital advertising platforms (EX: Google or Meta). These public users receive an initial email announcing the coupon.

Once a user reactivates a qualifying license, they automatically receive a new email with the sponsored coupon within minutes of the online transaction completion.

Building Rewards

State agencies may opt to send the coupon to an automated list of all current license holders as well as a thank you for being a loyal outdoor license holder. Over time, this will build a sense of belonging to license holders and provide additional tangible benefits of industry coupons for always staying licensed.

Incentivizing License Sales

With a limited time window to purchase a license in order to receive the coupon, the automated incentives were successful in impacting purchase behavior.

Across its state agency partners leveraging the Incentivized Renewal automated play, Brandt has tracked $30,000+ system revenue from users clicking and completing a transaction in the same website session.

Brandt’s Atlas Marketing Automation’s innovative approach to recruitment, retention, and reactivation is positively impacting state agency system revenue. With plays like the Automated Incentivized Renewal, sweetening the deal with third-party coupons drive higher renewal rates and increased revenue.

To learn more about Brandt’s Atlas Marketing Automation program, click here.

Brandt Launches the New Merchandise Platform for Go Outdoors North Carolina

Brandt’s new merchandise store launched in Go Outdoors North Carolina (GONC) on Wednesday, August 2, 2023. North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) can now offer hunters, anglers, and boaters the opportunity to purchase additional items for their friends, family, and outdoor adventures.

NCWRC is excited to offer branded merchandise to our constituents. e-Store Purchases help further our agency’s mission to conserve wildlife resources and their habitats. We look forward to continuing to expand our product line to appeal to a broader audience.

Lisa Hocutt, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission Deputy Director

Key Factors

Brandt and NCWRC executed best practices for a successful merchandise launch, including:

Activity Packages

Include a related merchandise item in every activity package such as a folding chair in the duck hunting package.


Cross-sell similar items such as a camo backpack when a user adds a hunting license to the cart.

Drip Marketing

Send targeted, drip email and push notification campaigns to drive awareness.

Variety of Products

Offer a variety of sizes and colors per product, such as a mug in pink, white, black, camo, and blue.

Product Modifiers

Configure modifiers where the user can select between various colors while staying on the same page.

Organized Shopfront

Strategically organize the shopfront with most requested products easily available followed by new options.

The Go Outdoors North Carolina merchandise store is just the beginning with Labor Day Weekend and small game opener. New products, expanded options, and leveraging the system’s features for packages and cross-sells opens the door to a big opportunity to get our state agency’s brands out in the field.

The 2023 Brandt State Summit Wraps Up

Brandt Information Services’ annual State Summit in Richmond, Virginia concluded with tremendous success earlier this week, underscoring our company’s commitment to partnership, innovation, and transformation. 

The 2023 Brandt State Summit spanned three days and featured a diverse range of engaging sessions, breakouts and interactive workshops. The Summit explored the latest trends, breakthroughs, and challenges facing Brandt and the outdoor recreational licensing and reservations industry. Over 65 attendees across 15 of Brandt’s state agencies had the opportunity to network, collaborate, and gain valuable insights from each other, Brandt team members, and industry thought leaders.

“This conference had more meaningful and impactful information to someone who is in operations than any other conference I’ve been to in years.”

Brandt State Partner Attendee

The success of 2023 Brandt State Summit would not have been possible without the support of our partners’ licensing, reservations, boating, and marketing attendees. Their dedication and contributions played a crucial role in making this event a resounding triumph.

As the curtains close in Richmond, Virginia, participants are already looking forward to next year, eager to continue the conversations and collaborations sparked at the 2023 Brandt State Summit.

Brandt Information Services Recognized as a GovTech100 Company for 2023

Brandt Information Services is pleased to announce we have been recognized by Government Technology as a GovTech 100 company for 2023! The GovTech 100 list is comprised of companies that have made a difference in the technology space for local and state government agencies. We are proud to offer a licensing and permitting system that allows for a user-friendly experience for customers and serves as a revenue driver for state agencies.

“This year we have seen an exponential increase in gov tech market activity – from new companies starting up to help government tackle complex challenges, to existing companies joining forces for scale through consolidations, gov tech as an industry is clearly showing its recession-proof characteristics. Each of the GovTech 100 companies demonstrates the energy of our market across all gov tech segments,” stated Dustin Haisler, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer for Government Technology. 

Winners will be featured in the January/February issue of Government Technology magazine and GovTech Daily’s newsletter

Check out the full list of awarded companies:!

Go Outdoors Florida’s New Hard Cards

Our partner, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) released new license card designs! Hard cards are collectible, credit-card style documents that are an alternative to paper licenses. Cards are printed with a customer’s most up-to-date licenses and permits for easy access when hunting or fishing.

Customers can purchase the designs at or using the app. Funds from hard cards help support conservation efforts and marketing initiatives for our state partners. The new cards feature art from Guy Harvey and Ed Anderson. Check out the designs!

KDWP’s New Flatlander Podcast Episode on Go Outdoors Kansas Licensing System

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks released an episode of their Flatlander Podcast focused on our new Go Outdoors Kansas system. Our digital license approach has accounted for over 60% of transactions to occur electronically through the Go Outdoors Kansas app or website. This, along with the new electronic check-in/check-out process, makes this one of our most feature-filled installs to date. We are excited about what the new system has in store for KDWP staff and its constituents! Check out the podcast episode here or listen below:

State game agencies aren’t engaging nearly enough new folks, or capturing their potential license dollars

Hunter numbers have been declining from an all-time high in the early ’80s. And when the alarm bells started ringing more than a decade ago, our collective response time was abysmal. First, the hunting industry had to admit there was a problem. Next, we had to understand what we’d been doing wrong. Now that state agencies and conservation groups have finally identified which programs work, they’re trying to act on that intel. Meanwhile, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, we’ve lost 255,195 hunters nationwide between 2016 and 2020. “In the Future: The New Guard Will Save Hunting (and the Old-Timers Are Going to Help)”