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Boosting Customer Retention with Brandt’s Atlas Marketing Automation Incentivized Renewal Play

Hunters and anglers typically wait until they are headed out into the field to purchase the license they need to participate. With statewide regulations on seasons, this leads to heavy spikes in website traffic and customer sales phone calls the night before and morning of a big season opener.

Brandt’s Atlas Marketing Automation program provides state agencies with tools and strategies to effectively engage with its public users automatically based on their system behavior and license history.

By offering incentives to those that buy their license ahead of time, agencies may be more prepared with operational projection and begin to recognize system revenue earlier in the fiscal year.

Automated Incentives

On behalf of its state agency partners, Brandt has administered coupon-based incentives to public users since 2019 to successfully drive license transactions. In Spring 2023, Brandt launched the newly updated Incentivized Renewal Automated Play across several state partners participating in the Atlas Marketing Automation program.

Targeting users who did not hold a current annual license, but have held one previously, this creative marketing play leverages the power of personalized offers and third-party coupons such as Academy Sports and OnX Hunt.

Atlas Marketing Automation keeps an evergreen list of lapsed license holders up to date for the state agency use in emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and digital advertising platforms (EX: Google or Meta). These public users receive an initial email announcing the coupon.

Once a user reactivates a qualifying license, they automatically receive a new email with the sponsored coupon within minutes of the online transaction completion.

Building Rewards

State agencies may opt to send the coupon to an automated list of all current license holders as well as a thank you for being a loyal outdoor license holder. Over time, this will build a sense of belonging to license holders and provide additional tangible benefits of industry coupons for always staying licensed.

Incentivizing License Sales

With a limited time window to purchase a license in order to receive the coupon, the automated incentives were successful in impacting purchase behavior.

Across its state agency partners leveraging the Incentivized Renewal automated play, Brandt has tracked $30,000+ system revenue from users clicking and completing a transaction in the same website session.

Brandt’s Atlas Marketing Automation’s innovative approach to recruitment, retention, and reactivation is positively impacting state agency system revenue. With plays like the Automated Incentivized Renewal, sweetening the deal with third-party coupons drive higher renewal rates and increased revenue.

To learn more about Brandt’s Atlas Marketing Automation program, click here.