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Brandt Chosen to Implement Next-Generation Sport and Commercial Licensing Solution for Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR)

Brandt proudly announces the successful signing of a contract to provide Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) with an advanced Sport and Commercial Licensing Solution. The comprehensive solution will offer a cutting-edge platform that will streamline the licensing of hunters, anglers, and trappers. It will also encompass commercial licensing and permitting, game harvest check-in, special limited hunts, and public access management for visitors of DNR properties. Furthermore, the system will manage volunteer and event coordination for Indiana residents and visitors, IDNR personnel, and authorized retail agents.

The strong alignment of missions, values, and visions between Brandt and IDNR has paved the way for their collaboration. Brandt’s expertise in development, project management, business processes, and emerging technologies uniquely qualify them to create IDNR’s envisioned cutting-edge system. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Brandt ensures system reliability, alleviating worries about performance, outages, and customer service issues.

Brandt Information Services prides itself on not only implementing robust business systems using best-in-class technologies, but also fostering innovation that positions its clients as industry leaders. Brandt is enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring their expertise to the table and contribute to the evolution of online sport and commercial licensing for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

About Indiana Department of Natural Resources
The mission of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is to protect, enhance, preserve, and wisely use natural, cultural, and recreational resources for the benefit of Indiana’s citizens through professional leadership, management, and education.

About Brandt Information Services
Brandt Information Services is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for government agencies and private organizations. With a focus on improving operational efficiency and user experience, Brandt offers a wide range of services, including licensing and registration systems, payment processing, and data management solutions. With a strong commitment to client success, Brandt continues to deliver cutting-edge technology to simplify complex processes and empower organizations to achieve their goals.