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Launch Alert: Lake Casitas Municipal Water District Online Reservations System

Brandt proudly announces the launch of the Itinio reservations system at the renowned Lake Casitas Recreation Area. The launch took place on Thursday, January 18, 2024, and witnessed an exceptional response, with early-season online reservations flooding in almost immediately after the public opening.

The Lake Casitas Recreation Area, now equipped with the state-of-the-art Itinio platform, stands as the proud host of the largest single campground in the region, boasting 609 campsites across 13 camping loops. Nestled in Ventura County, this area also features the Casitas Adventure Waterpark and RV storage facilities. The Itinio platform seamlessly integrates with this expansive setup, providing not only camping reservations but also offering streamlined ticketing and contract management services. This integration is set to optimize operational efficiency.

Lake Casitas, a key water source for Ojai and the greater Ventura County, holds historical significance as a rowing venue during the 1984 Summer Olympics hosted in Los Angeles. The Lake Casitas Recreation Area sees more than 600,000 annual visitors and is home to 40 miles of hiking trails.

“The introduction of the Itinio reservations system reflects Brandt’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and enhancing the experiences of outdoor enthusiasts,” said Dave McLean, General Manager at Brandt.

As a technology leader, Brandt is dedicated to providing solutions that redefine industry standards. The collaboration with Lake Casitas Municipal Water District signifies a commitment to environmental responsibility and community well-being, aligning with the district’s vision of embracing technological advancements to improve the accessibility and enjoyment of its natural resources.

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