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Idaho Fish and Game’s E-tagging for Salmon/Steelhead Is Now Available.

Idaho Fish and Game’s new electronic salmon and steelhead permit rollout—aka e-tags—is now available through the Go Outdoors Idaho mobile app.

Selecting an e-tag is optional when buying salmon and steelhead permits online and in-person, and paper tags are still available for those who prefer the traditional method of reporting their catch. Anglers with a current paper permit will not be eligible to switch to an e-tag for the 2024 season, but will be able to choose an e-tag in 2025.

E-tagging allows anglers to buy an electronic salmon or steelhead permit and start fishing immediately instead of waiting for a paper tag to arrive in the mail. E-tagging also allows salmon or steelhead anglers to validate their permits electronically. Anglers can use the app while out of cell service, in low service areas, and while the device is on airplane mode.

To learn more about IDFG’s e-tagging for salmon/steelhead, click here.

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