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Brandt Sees Surge in Online Engagement Across the Nation

Brandt, a leading technology solutions provider for outdoor recreation agencies and their consumers, has witnessed significant growth in online engagement across all its operational states over the past three years. The transformative digital adoption is validated by continually increasing daily website visitors and sustained average engagement time.

“Brandt’s commitment to providing exceptional online experiences and staying at the forefront of digital innovation has been unwavering,” said Travis Warren, CEO of Brandt. “The steady increase in year-over-year online engagement confirms our ability to transform the outdoor experience for state and local governments to provide modern, streamlined services to their public consumers.”

Across 19 of Brandt’s agency partners, Brandt has witnessed an average of +29% website visitation increase over the past three years combined. This includes the latest +11% increase from 2022-2023 year-over-year annual website users.

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Brandt has continuously invested in enriching its online presence to better serve its customers. In addition to Brandt’s CRM fueling automated targeted marketing campaigns, the intuitive user experiences to purchase licenses, registrations, and reservations have streamlined the online checkout process.

While maintaining growth, Brandt is continually innovating by leveraging modern technology strategies to bring forth system revenue-generating opportunities to its agency partners, solidifying its position as a trusted leader in the industry.