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West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Signs New Contract with Brandt

Brandt is thrilled to announce a new contract with West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) to continue the electronic licensing and game checking system. Brandt may continue to support WVDNR for another ten years with this new contract, solidifying its long-term collaborative partnership with the Division.

Extending this agreement with Brandt enables WVDNR to further enhance the licensing system by introducing additional features and improvements specifically designed to meet the changing needs of license holders, vendors, and the general public. This includes customer hard cards, R3 marketing automation tools, donation opportunities, branded merchandise drop-shipping, credit card processing, and a mobile application.

Over the past contract term, Brandt’s Terra solution has enabled a variety of system enhancements improvements to support legislative and programmatic changes including: expansive online application configurations; evolving lottery logic; data visualization dashboards; and in-system surveys and certifications.

With Brandt, WVDNR has access to a team of experts to support operations as well as cross-state collaboration with other Brandt clients. The exposure provided by working with the industry-leading provider of outdoor recreational licensing and reservation solutions will continue to allow WVDNR to leverage lessons learned and new functionality for use cases across the country.

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About West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
It is the statutory mission of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources to provide and administer a long-range comprehensive program for the exploration, conservation, development, protection, enjoyment, and the use of the natural resources of the State of West Virginia. 

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Brandt Information Services is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for government agencies and private organizations. With a focus on improving operational efficiency and user experience, Brandt offers a wide range of services, including licensing and registration systems, payment processing, and data management solutions. With a strong commitment to client success, Brandt continues to deliver cutting-edge technology to simplify complex processes and empower organizations to achieve their goals.