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The 2023 South Dakota Elk and Bighorn Sheep Application Period Breaks Records for Second Consecutive Year

The 2023 South Dakota Elk and Bighorn Sheep application period has once again set new records for the number of applications for these seasons. This marks the second consecutive year of unprecedented demand for these highly coveted hunting opportunities.

South Dakota residents may apply during a specific time-period each year for the opportunity to be drawn for a limited license for specific seasons that are available. Licenses are drawn in sequence from season to season. The 2023 application period ended May 18, 2023, revealing a remarkable boost in interest, with an 8% increase in applications compared to the previous year, and an astounding 40% surge compared to 2021.

South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks (GFP) launched its new licensing and campground reservation system in December 2021 and soon after began to see an increase in Elk and Bighorn Sheep applications. Since the new system launched, Elk applications increased from 37,345 in 2021, to 39,380 in 2022. The Bighorn Sheep applications grew from 8,272 to 11,312 during this same time-period. To the excitement of Brandt and GFP, we have seen yet another successful application period in 2023, totaling over 12,000 Bighorn Sheep and nearly 40,000 Elk applications.

“Customer service is one of our top priorities and working with Brandt we have successfully been able to ensure our customers are aware of these opportunities, are easily able to submit their applications, and ultimately able to get where they want to be, outdoors,” stated Nick Harrington, GFP Communications Manager.

With recent improvements to the users’ experience, targeted emails, and mobile app push notification reminders, the Go Outdoors South Dakota system is providing better communications with sportsmen and women, while driving conservation efforts.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources Signs Five Year Contract Extension with Brandt for Go Outdoors Iowa System

March 30, 2023 – Brandt Information Services (Brandt) is pleased to announce the signing of a five-year contract extension with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for the operation and enhancement of the online licensing and registration system, Go Outdoors Iowa. The statewide system serves as a comprehensive platform for selling and providing access to a range of outdoor recreational and commercial privileges, such as hunting licenses, fishing licenses, safety education certificates, and Iowa Outdoors magazine subscriptions.

Under the extended contract, Brandt will continue to manage and support the Go Outdoors Iowa system, ensuring its seamless operation and consistent availability to the public. The partnership between the DNR and Brandt has proven highly successful, streamlining the licensing and registration process while providing essential services to Iowa’s outdoor enthusiasts and commercial enterprises.

Go Outdoors Iowa has made it easier than ever for residents and visitors to engage in recreational activities across the state. With a user-friendly interface and secure payment processing, the online system allows individuals to conveniently purchase or renew licenses, register for safety courses, and access other outdoor resources. DNR is benefitting from precedented license, registration, and product sales through Go Outdoors Iowa, reporting a 13.9% increase in system transactions and a 13.7% increase in total items sold in the past year alone.

“We are honored to continue our partnership with the Iowa DNR and support their mission of promoting and preserving Iowa’s natural resources. The Go Outdoors Iowa system has empowered countless individuals to engage in outdoor activities responsibly. We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service to Iowa DNR and its constituents.”

Alan Wise, Chief Success Officer at Brandt

With the extension of the Brandt contract, the DNR looks forward to further modernizing the Go Outdoors Iowa system and incorporating additional features to better serve the needs of its users. This partnership reaffirms the commitment of both organizations to harnessing technology for the benefit of Iowa’s residents, while simultaneously supporting conservation efforts and the sustainable management of the state’s natural resources.

For more information about the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Go Outdoors Iowa system, please visit

About the Iowa Department of Natural Resources
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is responsible for the management and preservation of Iowa’s natural resources, including wildlife, parks, forests, and water resources. Through education, regulation, and collaborative initiatives, the DNR aims to conserve and enhance the state’s environment, ensuring its sustainability for future generations.

About Brandt Information Services
Brandt Information Services is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for government agencies and private organizations. With a focus on improving operational efficiency and user experience, Brandt offers a wide range of services, including licensing and registration systems, payment processing, and data management solutions. With a strong commitment to client success, Brandt continues to deliver cutting-edge technology to simplify complex processes and empower organizations to achieve their goals.

Brandt Information Services Recognized as a GovTech100 Company for 2023

Brandt Information Services is pleased to announce we have been recognized by Government Technology as a GovTech 100 company for 2023! The GovTech 100 list is comprised of companies that have made a difference in the technology space for local and state government agencies. We are proud to offer a licensing and permitting system that allows for a user-friendly experience for customers and serves as a revenue driver for state agencies.

“This year we have seen an exponential increase in gov tech market activity – from new companies starting up to help government tackle complex challenges, to existing companies joining forces for scale through consolidations, gov tech as an industry is clearly showing its recession-proof characteristics. Each of the GovTech 100 companies demonstrates the energy of our market across all gov tech segments,” stated Dustin Haisler, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer for Government Technology. 

Winners will be featured in the January/February issue of Government Technology magazine and GovTech Daily’s newsletter

Check out the full list of awarded companies:!

Brandt Information Services Named Best & Brightest Company to Work For Seventh Consecutive year

Brandt Information Services is honored to have been selected for the seventh consecutive year as one of the 2022 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® In The Nation. Brandt has been named as one of 135 winning organizations out of 1,000 nominations across the country. We will be honored at the virtual Illuminate Business Summit week in February 2022.

With over 20 years of experience conducting the Best and Brightest competitions, the National Association for Business Resources (NABR) have identified numerous best Human Resource practices and provided benchmarking for companies that continue to be leaders in employment standards. All 2022 companies that will be selected to be recognized nationally as a Best and Brightest Company to Work For® will be featured in the online edition of Corp! Magazine and in the Wall Street Journal.

About the Best and Brightest Programs
The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® competition identifies and honors organizations that display a commitment to excellence in operations and employee enrichment that lead to increased productivity and financial performance. This competition scores potential winners based on regional data of company performance and a set standard across the nation. This national program celebrates those companies that are making better business, creating richer lives and building a stronger community as a whole.

To learn more about Brandt’s culture and career opportunities, please visit the Brandt Careers page.

Go Outdoors NE is the New and Improved Permitting System for Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

On November 15, 2022, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Brandt launched Go Outdoors NE, a new permitting system for the state’s hunt, fish, and parks needs. The new user-friendly system will allow customers to purchase all fishing and hunting permits by creating a customer account or looking up their account information. Customer information has been migrated into the new system to prepare for this transition. Park entry permits, Nebraskaland Magazine subscriptions, and donations may be made as a guest user and do not require an account.

2023 permits are available for purchase in the GoOutdoorsNE system; however, the previous system will remain operational through January 31, 2023.

Durable hard cards are available in two designs, crappie or pheasant (artwork by Bryan Owen and Ed Anderson).

“We are excited for the launch of Go Outdoors Nebraska! It has been a collaborative effort between the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Brandt’s Terra team to implement a new system that makes the process simpler and more efficient for the state’s constituents,“ stated Richard Wise, CEO of Brandt.

GoOutdoorsNE is available exclusively online at!

Learn more on

Georgia WRD Awards Competitive Bid Contract to Brandt for Go Outdoors Georgia System

The State of Georgia has awarded a competitive bid contract to Brandt, a leading provider of outdoor recreation management solutions. The contract is for the renewal and enhancement of the Go Outdoors Georgia system, a comprehensive platform that facilitates license sales, permits, and reservations for various outdoor activities in the State. The State’s previous contract was out of contract renewal options and after a competitive bid and a thorough review process, Brandt earned the Georgia contract to be administered by the Wildlife Resources Division (WRD).

WRD is a government agency dedicated to the conservation and management of the state’s wildlife and natural resources. As part of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the WRD oversees a wide range of activities, including hunting, fishing, boating, and wildlife management. WRD is responsible for ensuring sustainable wildlife populations, protecting and enhancing habitats, promoting outdoor recreational opportunities, and educating the public about the importance of conservation. One of the key initiatives undertaken by WRD is the development and management of the Go Outdoors Georgia system. This comprehensive platform serves as a centralized hub for license sales, permits, and reservations related to outdoor activities in the state. The system has played a crucial role in streamlining processes, enhancing accessibility, and improving the overall user experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Brandt has been a key player in the outdoor recreation management industry for several years, providing comprehensive solutions to government agencies and organizations across the country. The company’s extensive experience and proven track record were crucial factors in securing the contract renewal with Georgia.

“We are honored to have been awarded the contract for the Go Outdoors Georgia system by Georgia. We are excited to work together to further improve the system to deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience for Georgia’s outdoor enthusiasts.”

Matt Mitchell, Chief Revenue Officer of Brandt

The Go Outdoors Georgia system has played a pivotal role in facilitating outdoor activities in the state. By providing an efficient and user-friendly platform for license sales, permits, and reservations, the system has streamlined processes and enhanced accessibility for residents and visitors alike. With the contract awarded to Brandt, users can expect further refinements that will continue to enhance their experience. Brandt showcased their commitment to prioritizing efficiency, user satisfaction, and innovation throughout the previous contract term. After securing the renewal contract through a competitive bid process, WRD and Brandt are poised to build upon their previous successes and create an even more robust and effective Go Outdoors Georgia system leveraging technology to enhance access to nature and preserve the state’s rich natural heritage for generations to come.

About Georgia Wildlife Resources Division (WRD)
The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is comprised of five divisions which carry out DNR’s mission to sustain, enhance, protect and conserve Georgia’s natural, historic and cultural resources. As one of five divisions within DNR, the Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) is charged with conserving, enhancing and promoting Georgia’s wildlife resources, including game and nongame animals, fish and protected plants.

About Brandt Information Services
Brandt Information Services (Brandt) is a leading provider of software solutions designed to streamline operations and improve customer experiences across various industries. With a focus on innovation and customer success, Brandt offers robust software platforms that address the unique needs of its clients. The company has a proven track record in developing user-friendly systems that simplify complex processes and enhance efficiency. Brandt’s solutions are known for their scalability, flexibility, and ability to adapt to evolving industry requirements. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Brandt empowers organizations to optimize their operations, deliver exceptional services, and drive growth.

Go Outdoors Florida’s New Hard Cards

Our partner, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) released new license card designs! Hard cards are collectible, credit-card style documents that are an alternative to paper licenses. Cards are printed with a customer’s most up-to-date licenses and permits for easy access when hunting or fishing.

Customers can purchase the designs at or using the app. Funds from hard cards help support conservation efforts and marketing initiatives for our state partners. The new cards feature art from Guy Harvey and Ed Anderson. Check out the designs!

KDWP’s New Flatlander Podcast Episode on Go Outdoors Kansas Licensing System

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks released an episode of their Flatlander Podcast focused on our new Go Outdoors Kansas system. Our digital license approach has accounted for over 60% of transactions to occur electronically through the Go Outdoors Kansas app or website. This, along with the new electronic check-in/check-out process, makes this one of our most feature-filled installs to date. We are excited about what the new system has in store for KDWP staff and its constituents! Check out the podcast episode here or listen below:

Go Outdoors Louisiana Offers a New Reservation System for Louisiana State Parks

Louisiana State Parks and Brandt launched Go Outdoors Louisiana on June 1, 2022, a full-service parks and camping reservation system. The new launch included the release of a new central reservation system, point-of-sale system, call center, and golf course management system. The new reservation system will allow for a more streamlined booking process for customers at to reserve campsites, cabins, purchase park passes, buy merchandise, and make a donation.

“With the launch of Go Outdoors Louisiana, we continue to expand our product offering and provide simple, modern and secure well-designed systems for our state partners. We are excited for the increase in revenue that this system will bring to Louisiana State Parks and its conservation efforts,” stated Richard Wise, CEO of Brandt.

About Brandt

Brandt Information Services provides simple, modern, and secure technology solutions to conservation agencies and their public users that transform the outdoors experience. The company serves organizations in the fishing, hunting, boating, and parks and camping industry with licensing, registration, reservations, and e-commerce technology and services.

Go Outdoors Kansas is the New Licensing System for Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks launched its new licensing system, Go Outdoors Kansas, on May 1, 2022. The new efficient system is designed to improve the user experience for KDWP, license agents, boat vendors, and its more than two million public license holders. “We are transforming the outdoors experience with our simple, modern, and secure Go Outdoors Kansas solution,” announced Richard Wise, Brandt CEO. Through the Go Outdoors Kansas website and mobile app, customers can purchase hunting and fishing licenses, complete harvest reports, register boats, and more.

Public customers may log in at or download the mobile app GoOutdoorsKS. Durable license cards are available in two designs, crappie or pheasant, with artwork by KDWP’s Dustin Teasley and full card design by Brody Latham.  

The iOS and Android mobile apps allow users to access their licenses easily on their phones, view regulations and sunrise/sunset times in the field, and report harvests after hunting. Also included in the release is a private law enforcement mobile app for conservation officers to scan license documents and/or hard card QR codes to confirm customer status in the field, with or without cell phone reception. 

Over 500 license agent and boat vendor locations are now processing transactions through the online system. 

“Brandt will continue to work side by side with state agency partners on innovative new solutions that help improve the overall outdoors experience. We are proud to be live with Kansas,” stated Brandt’s President, Mike Wons.