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Brandt’s Enhanced WMA Check-In Functionality: A Game Changer for Georgia WRD

Brandt has rolled out significant improvements to the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Check-In functionality, receiving resounding praise and appreciation from users. These new features have not only simplified the process but have also brought about increased efficiency and convenience for the Wildlife Resources Division (WRD).

Streamlined Administrative Tasks

One of the standout changes in Brandt’s enhanced WMA Check-In functionality is the significantly reduced administrative burden. The previous system required numerous setups to be maintained, which could often lead to errors and inefficiencies. With the updated system, the number of setups needed to be maintained has been drastically reduced. This streamlined approach makes life easier for WRD personnel and ensures that their valuable time and resources are not spent on cumbersome administrative tasks.

The Introduction of Check-In Forms

Another feature of the enhanced functionality is the introduction of Check-In Forms. These forms have transformed the way WRD personnel interact with visitors and stakeholders. They serve as a structured and user-friendly way to gather essential information from visitors, enabling WRD to better understand and serve the needs of the public. These forms also help streamline data collection and analysis, leading to more informed decision-making.

Mobile Check-Ins for Better Flexibility

In an era where mobile technology plays a central role in daily life, Brandt’s enhanced WMA Check-In functionality has embraced the trend by introducing Mobile Check-Ins. This feature allows visitors to check in conveniently using their mobile devices, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and reducing the wait times for visitors. For WRD, this means increased efficiency, reduced lines at entry points, and better data accuracy, as well as improved user experience.

Brandt’s enhanced WMA Check-In functionality has brought about a welcome transformation in WRD’s operations. By reducing administrative burdens, introducing Check-In Forms, and embracing mobile technology, these improvements provide WRD with greater efficiency and enhanced data accuracy. These changes not only benefit WRD but also ensure that users experience a more convenient and enjoyable interaction with Georgia’s Wildlife Management Areas. As the positive reviews continue to pour in, it is clear that the new functionality is a game-changer for the WRD and those it serves.

Boosting Customer Retention with Brandt’s Atlas Marketing Automation Incentivized Renewal Play

Hunters and anglers typically wait until they are headed out into the field to purchase the license they need to participate. With statewide regulations on seasons, this leads to heavy spikes in website traffic and customer sales phone calls the night before and morning of a big season opener.

Brandt’s Atlas Marketing Automation program provides state agencies with tools and strategies to effectively engage with its public users automatically based on their system behavior and license history.

By offering incentives to those that buy their license ahead of time, agencies may be more prepared with operational projection and begin to recognize system revenue earlier in the fiscal year.

Automated Incentives

On behalf of its state agency partners, Brandt has administered coupon-based incentives to public users since 2019 to successfully drive license transactions. In Spring 2023, Brandt launched the newly updated Incentivized Renewal Automated Play across several state partners participating in the Atlas Marketing Automation program.

Targeting users who did not hold a current annual license, but have held one previously, this creative marketing play leverages the power of personalized offers and third-party coupons such as Academy Sports and OnX Hunt.

Atlas Marketing Automation keeps an evergreen list of lapsed license holders up to date for the state agency use in emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and digital advertising platforms (EX: Google or Meta). These public users receive an initial email announcing the coupon.

Once a user reactivates a qualifying license, they automatically receive a new email with the sponsored coupon within minutes of the online transaction completion.

Building Rewards

State agencies may opt to send the coupon to an automated list of all current license holders as well as a thank you for being a loyal outdoor license holder. Over time, this will build a sense of belonging to license holders and provide additional tangible benefits of industry coupons for always staying licensed.

Incentivizing License Sales

With a limited time window to purchase a license in order to receive the coupon, the automated incentives were successful in impacting purchase behavior.

Across its state agency partners leveraging the Incentivized Renewal automated play, Brandt has tracked $30,000+ system revenue from users clicking and completing a transaction in the same website session.

Brandt’s Atlas Marketing Automation’s innovative approach to recruitment, retention, and reactivation is positively impacting state agency system revenue. With plays like the Automated Incentivized Renewal, sweetening the deal with third-party coupons drive higher renewal rates and increased revenue.

To learn more about Brandt’s Atlas Marketing Automation program, click here.

Brandt Launches the New Merchandise Platform for Go Outdoors North Carolina

Brandt’s new merchandise store launched in Go Outdoors North Carolina (GONC) on Wednesday, August 2, 2023. North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) can now offer hunters, anglers, and boaters the opportunity to purchase additional items for their friends, family, and outdoor adventures.

NCWRC is excited to offer branded merchandise to our constituents. e-Store Purchases help further our agency’s mission to conserve wildlife resources and their habitats. We look forward to continuing to expand our product line to appeal to a broader audience.

Lisa Hocutt, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission Deputy Director

Key Factors

Brandt and NCWRC executed best practices for a successful merchandise launch, including:

Activity Packages

Include a related merchandise item in every activity package such as a folding chair in the duck hunting package.


Cross-sell similar items such as a camo backpack when a user adds a hunting license to the cart.

Drip Marketing

Send targeted, drip email and push notification campaigns to drive awareness.

Variety of Products

Offer a variety of sizes and colors per product, such as a mug in pink, white, black, camo, and blue.

Product Modifiers

Configure modifiers where the user can select between various colors while staying on the same page.

Organized Shopfront

Strategically organize the shopfront with most requested products easily available followed by new options.

The Go Outdoors North Carolina merchandise store is just the beginning with Labor Day Weekend and small game opener. New products, expanded options, and leveraging the system’s features for packages and cross-sells opens the door to a big opportunity to get our state agency’s brands out in the field.

Brandt Secures Contract with Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources to Modernize Current System

Brandt and Maryland’s Department Natural Resources (MD DNR) have entered a contract to revamp MD DNR’s current Electronic Licensing and Registration System (ELRS). Previously known as COMPASS, Maryland’s ELRS began as Brandt’s Terra solution’s first hunting and fishing system implementation in January 2012. Maryland DNR continued to internally maintain the solution with the support of Brandt hosting. Today announces the beginning of a year-long system modernization effort to bring the COMPASS solution onto the latest Terra platform for increased functionality, enhanced user experience, and ongoing system improvements.

The primary goal is to retain essential functionalities while integrating new technologies and features to improve the licensing and registration processes for Maryland outdoor recreationalist, as well as enhance overall administrative management for the DNR’s licensing and registration needs.

“We are honored to continue our collaboration with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to provide a proven modern solution. Brandt’s proven record of developing innovative solution that drive positive change, and we are committed to delivering an Electronic Licensing and Registration System (ELRS) that meets and exceeds the expectations of MD DNR and its stakeholders.”

Jeff Roberts, Brandt’s Chief Technology Officer

MD DNR’s ELRS will implement practical, innovative approaches to address the challenges faced by the community. The new system will be designed and developed to support recruitment, retention, and reactivation efforts to grow hunting, angling, boating, and outdoor recreation participation in the state of Maryland.

About Maryland Department of Natural Resources
The Department of Natural Resources leads Maryland in securing a sustainable future for our environment, society, and economy by preserving, protecting, restoring, and enhancing the State’s natural resources.

About Brandt Information Services
Brandt Information Services is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for government agencies and private organizations. With a focus on improving operational efficiency and user experience, Brandt offers a wide range of services, including licensing and registration systems, payment processing, and data management solutions. With a strong commitment to client success, Brandt continues to deliver cutting-edge technology to simplify complex processes and empower organizations to achieve their goals.

Set It and Forget It: Auto Renew Adoption Rates

Having introduced this to the industry first in 2015, Brandt was the first to offer auto renew and our agency partners continue to lead the way in system revenues and conversion rates. Brandt’s automatic renewal program (auto renew) makes it easy for public users to stay licensed whenever possible, setting their licenses and permits to be automatically renewed without lapsing.

Public users who complete a transaction online are asked if they would like to opt-in to auto renew their licenses during the checkout process, and can update their preferences at any time. When the item is about to expire, the license system notifies the customer and subsequently charges the customer’s credit card for the subsequent item duration.

This program has proven to be an easy and effective way to increase retention while decreasing the churn rate of license purchases. It has stabilized agency revenue streams with license auto renew, and allows public users to always be prepared for their next adventure.

By implementing automatic renewals, customers are more likely to renew their licenses on time, resulting in a smaller gap in licensures and long-term higher number of licenses sold. Additionally, the convenience of auto renew increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. After five years of offering the service, Brandt has seen an average of 9.5% auto renew adoption rate.

Auto Renew Features Include:

  • Secure Payment Tokenization
  • PCI Level 1 Compliant
  • Optional Opt-In Program
  • Automatic Communications
  • Positive Public Feedback
  • Administratively Configurable

To determine an estimated rate of customers utilizing the auto renew program, Brandt analyzed its current state agency partners that have auto renew running for over a year, and followed the adoption rate trend for the first five years when licenses were able to be renewed.

In Year 0, users are signing up for auto renew. Beginning Year 1, users are having licenses that are eligible to be renewed automatically. The auto renew adoption rate is calculated by the volume of transactions processed through auto renew divided by the total volume of transactions eligible for auto renew processed within the same time period.

Brandt’s Auto Renew Annual Adoption Rates

States are experiencing a compounding growth in the number of auto renewing license holders with every year after launch.

Brandt’s auto renew functionality is an opt-in program where a user must take the extra steps to opt-in to the service. This approach provides higher customer satisfaction by positioning the functionality as a value-add to users rather than a trick to purchase again.

During difficult license sales periods such as poor weather, consistent auto renew transactions provide a reliable revenue stream, including enrolled donations and hard cards. For 365-day licenses, the increase in auto renew enrollments shows a direct correlation to decreased average gaps in licensure.

Brandt Demonstrates Unwavering Resilience During Hurricane Idalia

As Hurricane Idalia swept through the greater Tallahassee, Florida region on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, and the pressure of opening dove hunting seasons in a majority of its states, Brandt’s operations faced a significant test of its operational resilience. Despite power outages, personal safety, and logistical challenges posed by this natural disaster, Brandt’s service to its state agency partners remained strong. Thanks in part to comprehensive preparation and robust continuity plans, public users and state agency personnel continued to receive uninterrupted, high-quality service.

With every state’s licensing and reservations solution supported by redundant cloud hosting located across the United States, Brandt’s online solutions maintained its 99.99% uptime average.

Brandt’s remote workforce has expanded over the past few years with recent adoption by the contact center for remote contact center agents answering phone calls. Even with backup generators at their headquarters to offer respite for employees in need, contact center agents had the ability to dial in from their remote location when their shifts began throughout the day. “Our contact center agents geographical spread, and diligent planning of the managerial staff with staged shift starts made Wednesday, like every day, a success in the contact center,” said Tariq Mirza, Vice President of Service Operations at Brandt. Staffing and caller data are closely monitored to ensure quick times to answer and time to resolution. “Wednesday was just another day in the office with a little more pep in our step as the storm went by.”

Remote contact center agents played a crucial role in ensuring the continued operation of essential services, even during power outages in the wake of the hurricane. On Wednesday alone, 2,138 calls were handled and 483 card documents were printed for mailings.

Service, stability, and security are critical to Brandt’s state agency partners and their public users. “Our clients are at the forefront of every business decision we make, and it is times like these, that validate the positive impact we can make as an organization by staying miles ahead of today’s concerns” exclaimed Mirza.

Brandt has consistently organized donations and supplies support to those impacted by Hurricanes and other natural disasters for many years including those in Louisiana and Florida. Our thoughts go out to those impacted in our area, particularly the Perry, Florida community just east of Tallahassee as well as the path up Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Extends Contract 2 Years with Brandt for License and Recreation System

Brandt is thrilled to announce the two-year extension of our contract with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) for the continued operation and enhancement of their online licensing and recreation system. Functioning as an all-encompassing hub, this platform acts as a focal point for the sale and provision of diverse outdoor recreational and commercial privileges. These privileges encompass hunting licenses, fishing licenses, permits, lottery management, integration of hunter education, streamlined customer and vendor communications, and advanced business intelligence dashboards.

The collaboration between WDFW and Brandt has been characterized by achievements, transforming the way licensing procedures are conducted, elevating customer interaction, and furnishing invaluable resources for business analysis.

“We’re honored to maintain our strong partnership with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, aligned with their conservation mission. Brandt’s platform empowers responsible outdoor engagement. Our commitment is steadfast in delivering innovative solutions and excellent service to WDFW and its constituents.” – Jeff Roberts, Chief Technology Officer.

Extending the agreement with Brandt equips WDFW to persist in refining the licensing system, incorporating additional features and improvements specifically designed to accommodate the evolving needs of license holders, vendors, and the broader community. This partnership reaffirms the shared commitment of both parties to utilize technology to enhance outdoor encounters, champion conservation endeavors, and efficiently oversee all the natural resources Washington State has to offer.

For more information about the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Brandt system, please visit

About Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and perpetuating the state’s fish, wildlife, and ecosystems while providing sustainable fish and wildlife recreational and commercial opportunities.

About Brandt Information Services
Brandt Information Services is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for government agencies and private organizations. With a focus on improving operational efficiency and user experience, Brandt offers a wide range of services, including licensing and registration systems, payment processing, and data management solutions. With a strong commitment to client success, Brandt continues to deliver cutting-edge technology to simplify complex processes and empower organizations to achieve their goals.

The 2023 Brandt State Summit Wraps Up

Brandt Information Services’ annual State Summit in Richmond, Virginia concluded with tremendous success earlier this week, underscoring our company’s commitment to partnership, innovation, and transformation. 

The 2023 Brandt State Summit spanned three days and featured a diverse range of engaging sessions, breakouts and interactive workshops. The Summit explored the latest trends, breakthroughs, and challenges facing Brandt and the outdoor recreational licensing and reservations industry. Over 65 attendees across 15 of Brandt’s state agencies had the opportunity to network, collaborate, and gain valuable insights from each other, Brandt team members, and industry thought leaders.

“This conference had more meaningful and impactful information to someone who is in operations than any other conference I’ve been to in years.”

Brandt State Partner Attendee

The success of 2023 Brandt State Summit would not have been possible without the support of our partners’ licensing, reservations, boating, and marketing attendees. Their dedication and contributions played a crucial role in making this event a resounding triumph.

As the curtains close in Richmond, Virginia, participants are already looking forward to next year, eager to continue the conversations and collaborations sparked at the 2023 Brandt State Summit.

Brandt’s Upcoming 2023 Summit in Richmond, VA

Brandt’s annual State Summit conference is next week, August 7-9, 2023 in Richmond, Virginia. The Summit features presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities to celebrate client partner achievements and inspire continued progress in transforming the outdoors experience.

Attendees include system managers and marketing leaders from Brandt’s state agency partners across the country. Our Summit is not just an event; it is a celebration of our partnership and shared achievements throughout the year. With presentations from industry experts, insightful breakout sessions, and working groups, this year’s Summit promises to be more enlightening and engaging than ever before. We have thoughtfully curated content that aims to empower and inspire, driving innovation and growth for all our partners.

Presentation topics include:

  • Brandt Executive Overview
  • Celebrating the Non-Consumptive User
  • Turning Data into Intelligence
  • Marketing Campaigns That Work
  • Growing Your Brand Awareness with Merchandise
  • Product Updates
  • Go Outdoors Reservations Management
  • How Marketing Automation Drives Revenue
  • The State of the Brandt Vessel Union

Beyond the enriching business sessions, networking opportunities forge industry connections for shared lessons learned and opportunities to continue to transform the outdoors experience. Opportunities like this to build relationships with fellow partners and the Brandt team are what make the Summit truly unique.

This Summit provides us with an exceptional opportunity to dive into topics that are crucial to our collective success. From technology system delivery to data analytics, marketing to product development, each aspect plays a vital role in shaping the future of our organizations. It is through networking and idea collaboration that we can explore new possibilities, identify synergies, and build stronger connections.

Travis Warren, CEO of Brandt

As we gather in the historic city of Richmond, renowned for its hospitality, and vibrant energy, we are looking forward to a Summit that will be one for the books. Whether you are a seasoned Summit attendee or a first-timer, we guarantee an unforgettable journey of learning, growth, and camaraderie.

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Launches New Licensing Platform, Go Outdoors North Carolina

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA (July 19, 2023) – On Saturday July 1, 2023, the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission launched a new, custom licensing system and mobile app, Go Outdoors North Carolina, developed in partnership with Brandt, a Florida based company that provides innovative paperless web and mobile solutions for a best in class user experience.

Through Go Outdoors North Carolina, residents and non-residents can easily purchase licenses, register vessels, apply for permits, and shop for merchandise online. Customers will be offered the opportunity to upgrade their digital license(s) to a durable, hard card license with four designs options to choose from that feature North Carolina game and fish, including white-tailed deer, wood duck, largemouth bass and dolphin-fish.

“The new platform brings user-friendly features to outdoor enthusiasts across the state. This new efficient system is designed to improve the user experience for our fishing, hunting and trapping license holders, vessel registrants and Wildlife Service Agents.”

Executive Director Cameron N. Ingram with the Wildlife Commission

The Go Outdoors North Carolina mobile app for iOS and Android users features a range of helpful resources from virtual maps, regulations, vessel registration, and much more. Through real-time license verification and secure digital storage, the Go Outdoors North Carolina app ensures that users can conveniently access their licenses at any time, even from their mobile devices. The app also allows users to access their licenses easily on their phones, view regulations and sunrise/sunset times in the field, and report harvests after hunting.

“The launch of the Go Outdoors North Carolina licensing system represents a significant milestone in our commitment to expanding Brandt’s national support to transform the outdoor licensing experience with a simple, modern and secure solution.”

Travis Warren, CEO of Brandt

As part of the partnership, Brandt also developed a mobile app for Wildlife Law Enforcement Officers to be able to scan license documents and/or hard card QR codes to confirm customer status in the field, with or without cell phone reception.

Customers can create an account online at Go Outdoors North Carolina or download the Go Outdoors North Carolina app to buy or sync their current licenses. To purchase fishing, hunting or trapping licenses or register a vessel visit

About the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission

Since 1947, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has been dedicated to the conservation and sustainability of the state’s fish and wildlife resources through research, scientific management, wise use and public input. The Commission is the state regulatory agency responsible for the enforcement of fishing, hunting, trapping and boating laws and provides programs and opportunities for wildlife-related educational, recreational and sporting activities.

Get N.C. Wildlife Update — news including season dates, bag limits, legislative updates and more — delivered free to your Inbox from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.